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Small sculpture


In Gladkova’s small paper sculptures, the playful energy of her forms is set free. ​

In contrast to her larger sculptural ensembles, these works are meant to be held in one's hands, spun and rotated like Rubik’s cubes. They can stand on a horizontal surface, or be perched on the wall. ​

Gladkova begins these sculptures with brightly colored construction paper, cut in an array of basic geometric shapes. She glues the sheets together by the edges, cuts the resulting forms, re-attaches them, inverts the forms inside out. Then she twists the ends of the paper surfaces, creating a sort of Möbius strip.   


A recent sculpture from this series, “Killer Sudoku,” was chosen by curator Eric Shiner for the exhibition “Transformations,” on view at the New Bedford Art Museum in New Bedford, Massachusetts, through August. 

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