I am moving mountains


I remember the day when it occurred to me that I was moving mountains. Hard, resisting, gigantic masses. And I knew somehow that I needed to make sculpture. I wasn’t in a complete vacuum: I was taking a weekly evening drawing class at the New York Studio School. The class was the highest point of my week but I wasn’t planning to expand on it. Like many people, I thought that art means painting, a direction that didn’t attract me at all. And all of a sudden, this: I am moving mountains! I took a Saturday sculpture class at the same School, and in a couple of months was already fantasizing about quitting my job to do sculpture.

Much later, I read an essay by Henri Gaudier Brzeska that started like this: “Sculptural energy is a mountain.” I am fortunate to have discovered it by myself. I graduated from NYSS with an MFA in Sculpture in 2010.